Saturday, October 5, 2019

Woodbury Podcast

🎙Woodbury PTA Podcast - October 2019🎙

📝Our latest PTA updates is on the Woodbury Podcast with our President, MaryAnne Wendt, providing ino on our current and upcoming events.

💭In this episode, we have a special guest! With our upcoming Talent Show on November 7 and 8, Armi Abiera is giving performing tips and advice on doing your best when being on stage.😊

🎶Armi has years of experience as a performer and entertainer. She has helped by directing our Talent Show and school musicals. We are lucky to have her contribute her talents and knowledge in the arts and entertainment industry.🎶🎤💃🎬🎭

✔Listen to her great advice now on our Podcast on Apple Podcast or Spotify!

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