Monday, July 11, 2016

Membership Drive

Help Woodbury PTA encourage your child.
The force is strong with this PTA.

You can support your child in TWO ways:

1. Membership drive. Strength in numbers! The more PTA members we have, the stronger we are as a school. Anyone can join, and it is only $15!
Early bird special! Get signed up in Woodbury’s PTA by July 25th and your kid will get a special Star Wars themed pencil!
Our goal this year is 500 members. If we reach this, the school will earn a school-wide Star Wars Dress Up Day! If we surpass our goal, Mr. B and Mrs. Lambert will dress up too!
2. Pledge drive. In order to support our kids and have all the wonderful programs that the PTA provides, we need some donations!
This year, your kids can earn some Mighty awesome prizes with your donations. If your family donates at least $100, they can choose from:
- A Limited-edition Star Wars themed Mighty t-shirt
- A Mighty the Mustang stuffed animal
The more you donate, the more the kids will benefit and the more fun stuff you and your kid(s) can get!
Keep an eye out for the new lightsaber “thermometer” to track our progress!
We can do this, Woodbury Elementary!!!!

Some membership perks this year include deals at:

What do donations to Woodbury PTA help provide for your kids?
Year-round: City Fitness & Lunchtime Activities                    Reflections Art Program
Assemblies                                                              Healthy Lifestyles Program
Student Recognition – L.E.A.D. Program             Classroom support
Cross Cultural Program

Events:           Welcome to Woodbury                                           July 13
                        Gold Ribbon Celebration                                        August 5
Ice Cream Social & Movie Night                            August 5
                        6th Grade Guys Stuff Night                                                TBD
                        DARE Graduation                                                      September 2
                        Talent Show                                                             September 9
                        Red Ribbon Week                                                    October 17-21
                        Haunted Maze                                                          October 28
                        Spelling Bee                                                             November 3
Fall Book Fair                                                            November 14-18
Woodbury Disco Night                                            December 2
Family Fun Night                                                      January 20
Lunch with Someone Special                               February 8
Jog-a-thon                                                                March 8
5th Grade Talk & Tea                                              April 27
Staff Appreciation Week                                        May 1-5
Mustang Stampede                                                            TBD                            
End of year Carnival                                                            May 19                       

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